smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

My Dad is AWESOME.....

Today was a good day - my Dad managed to get tickets to go to see Fleetwood Mac when they play in The Point (or, if you want to give it it's Fancy New Name, The O2) this Saturday night!!


I'd asked him about getting tickets through work months ago, when the concert was first announced - our company did the electrical works on that project, so we get a certain number of seats from the client, plus passes to the Audi Club, which is the members bar there. Dad never said anything, so I gently reminded him a couple of weeks ago.

So today, I gets a phone call from Dad. Conversation goes something like this:

Dad: When were you looking for tickets for the O2 again?
Me: Well, the two shows are on this weekend, Saturday and Sunday..
Dad: Ok, right..... (sound of him scribbling notes) and who was it that's playing again?

The next sound that was heard was the THUMP of my head meeting the desk.

Dad: Leave it with me, I'll call you back in a while.
Me: OOOWWW.... okay then...

So he rang me back about 45 minutes later to say he had the tickets. Sadly, I was not in my office at the time, I was outside near the canteen. There was much bouncing, flailing, and a couple of passing apprentices thought I was having some kind of seizure.

Good times people!!

Checked the web, show starts at 8pm, goes until 10.40pm. No support act and no intermission. I am so excited right now that it is, in fact, ridiculous!
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