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Strictly, week 5

After all the talk on ITT about how Laila and Anton were struggling with the jive, I went into this with low expectations. And oh deary me….. not good at all. I just think it’s crazy that the judges all go on about how Laila is great at ballroom and not so good at Latin – they don’t seem to take into account the fact that she has Anton for a partner / teacher, and much as I love Anton, it’s no lie to say that his Latin is not as good as his ballroom. So given that, how can you expect Laila to be brilliant at it either? They probably should have been in the dance off – and can I just say Len was back to the overmarking, because there is no way in hell that deserved a 7 (unless we’re grading on effort), the other judges were right on the money with 5.

Speaking of overmarking, Alesha got in on the act when she gave Ricky W a 10. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fabulous routine, but it wasn’t worth a 10 to me, it was a solid 9 however.

I loved Chris and Ola – obviously I was watching a completely different routine to the judges, because I really enjoyed it and thought it was great. He certainly had the most bounce of any of the jives – plus himself and Ola are just so cute! (“I’m not gonna get a ‘Yeah baby’ for that, am I?” “Oh dear baby.” Hee!!)

Ali and Brian…. Like the judges said, so much promise, but he really needs to stop giving her such hard choreography. Both this week and last week, I really got the sense that she was more or less focussing on going through the steps and getting them right, rather than actually being confident that she’s mastered the dance and being able to go out there and PERFORM.
Craig….. sweet merciful divine, how was that man not in the dance off? HOW??? His jive was appalling, and he may have thought he was smiling throughout but he really wasn’t. I think the whole “I want to stay in til Blackpool” may have won him some votes, but I really hope he doesn’t last much longer.

Natalie and Vincent… skippy and overmarked. I just can’t see why people rave about her, I think her technique is poor and she masks it with decent performances.

Jo and Brendan… ok, she may have been a bit skippy in places, but overall it was a good routine and she showed real improvement. I don’t blame Brendan one bit for walking off when Craig showed signs of being mean in his critique – Jo comes across as being so fragile, and it was so obvious that she was delighted with herself and her performance, it would have shattered her to hear Craig being mean. (And much as he is my favourite judge, I’ll be the first to admit that there is a fine line between snarky and being mean, and Craig goes over that line on a weekly basis).

Enjoyed Phil & Katya a lot – he is such a ballroom boy!!

Zoe and James – I enjoyed the routine, thought she may have been a wee bit overmarked, but I was not expecting her to go from 3rd on the leaderboard to the danceoff. I think what happened there was people presumed that she would be safe, and voted for the likes of Craig and Laila instead. BIG mistake.

Joe and Kristina… praise the Lord, he’s gone!!!

Have to say, as the danceoff approached I was so nervous – I was honestly expecting it to be a Team Jordan danceoff. Then when Chris & Ola were called safe, and we were down to the final 3, I honestly thought that it was going to be Laila and Anton against Zoe and James. (At which point, I would have gone to the fridge, de-corked the half bottle of white wine that was sitting there, and started drinking straight from the bottle.) But once it came down to Joe versus Zoe, it was a complete no-brainer - unless Zoe fell on her backside, there was no way they could put Joe through over her (and even then…..) She did up her game in the danceoff, and thoroughly deserved to stay; though I’m really worried what this will do to her confidence. Hopefully she’ll get the American Smooth next week, because I think that could be glorious.

The other routine I loved was Katya and Brendan dancing to Spandau Ballet – not sure about that new version of Gold (though it is the first time I’ve listened to that song since 2004 and not welled up, which is a good thing!) but the dance was just super!

Can’t wait for next Saturday… American Smooth is one of my favourite dances!! (Though Anton and Laila are apparently dancing the samba. Oh dear.)

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