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Random ITT Thoughts....

+ I think Chris and Ola are the most adorable couple - when he starts mimicing her accent it's so cute!!

+ I find it hysterical that everyone's always banging on about how Anton's finally got a decent partner and is in with a shout this year; people tend to forget that he's not the greatest at the Latin dances (and that's putting it mildly!) So I feel bad for Laila, who's obviously struggling and who has Anton teaching her (this could be a trainwreck, I do not think Anton was joking when he said they might be the first couple to go from the top of the leaderboard to the bottom!)

+ On that note, I roared laughing when Ian said "Everyone needs to vote for Anton and Laila this week. I've seen their jive."

+  Looking at the training VT, you could definitely see that all is not well in Team Calzaghe (did anyone see the venomous look she was giving him when he was goofing off in training?) I think her ambition is far, far outpacing his dancing ability...

+ In a way, I'd take Anton & Laila being bottom this week if it meant getting Joe into the danceoff, because I cannot see a situation where the judges would save him (well, unless it was against Jo Wood)

+ Speaking of Jo, I still think she's lovely - her "as if I needed to be any more dizzy" line in tonight's VT was a classic!!

+ Going back to Monday night's show, I 100% agreed with Darren Bennett's comments that he thought Len made the wrong decision by voting for Craig in the dance-off. I can imagine there are a number of message boards calling him an entitled nightmare right about now, but in this case he was right. I thought Lynda was much better in the dance off, and Craig just dances like he's praying to be put out of his misery.
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