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X Factor

As ever, thoughts behind the cut so as not to spoil cheapevilgirl

I thought the way they opened the show and spoke about Stephen Gately's passing was very well handled; glad that Louis stepped out, because he could not have been in any shape to do the show.

I am not surprised that John and Edward went was fairly obvious to me that people would keep them in purely for the entertainment value and to see Simon's face. But they can't sing in tune and I hope they go sooner rather than later.

Glad to see my two favourites, Jamie and Danyl, go through. Once they were safe I didn't care about anyone else!!

Have to say my bottom two would have been the twins and Ricky - though I think Rachel suffered from opening the show, and Kandy Rain weren't great, though I thought they were better in the sing-off. Agree with Simon that deadlock was the fairest way to go, given the circumstances of the day.

Loved Alexandra's performance - that song is catchy as hell, and she looks great!!
I was glad that they adressed Dannii's comments to Danyl last night....I didn't think she meant anything nasty by it, I think she thought it would be seen as clever and witty but it completely backfired on her; it was HIDEOUSLY unprofessional and completely disrespectful. And I think her comment that Danyl wasn't offended is a bit disingenuous, because you could see that he was very upset on stage last night, and Sinitta admitted as such on The Xtra Factor. I stand by the comments I made on my twitter feed, which is that Louis, Dannii and Cheryl should be ashamed of the comments they made to Danyl. He gave a fantastic performance, and they barely even commented on that; it just seemed that they really wanted to tear him down, which I didn't think was fair or right. (Plus, Louis having the unmitigated gall to bring in the likeability factor, when (a) he's mentoring the twins and (b) he's Louis Walsh was a bit rich!!)

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