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Bit late with this, but thoughts on last nights Strictly are behind the cut:

Starting at the end...... THIS is the very reason why I LOATHE the whole "Len has the casting vote" thing. Essentially, it gives him two votes and what he says goes. Even if he's wrong, as he was last night. I know, your mileage may vary and God knows, I'm like a broken record on this one, but there is no way that Lynda deserved to go over Craig last night. Neither of them were anything to write home about, but at least Lynda actually looks like she's having a good time whereas Craig just looks like he's praying for someone to put him out of his misery. Plus which, the judges are supposed to judge on the performance in the dance off and Lynda was miles better in that than Craig. 

I LOVED Zoe and James foxtrot, I thought it was absolutely gorgeous and she was amazing!! And I love that song!!

Also loved Chris and Ola's salsa; though I am amazed he was able to concentrate given what she was wearing - or not wearing as the case may be!!!

The other highlight of the night was Ali and Brian's salsa, which was very fast and very amazing! I would have given them a 9 for the neck drop on its own, because that was absolutely spectacular. 

Loved Ricky Whittle.... though I have to admit I was watching DWTS last week and found myself thinking: if they wanted to give us an Aussie dancer, why couldn't we have gotten Kym Johnson??

Loved Laila and Anton's dance, very glad they seem to be drawing a line under The Row. It was pure foxtrot, and I was delighted to see them at the top of the leaderboard (unusual for Anton!) But after 2 ballroom dances, they HAVE to be doing Latin next week. Which means we get to see Anton jiving. Don't know about anyone else, but I am slightly afeared!!!

Vincent and Natalie.. I want to like them, and I don't mind her in the VT's, but they start to dance and they just do not do it for me. Seriously. 

Jo Wood continues to be adorable, and I felt so bad for her last night, because this really was not her dance. But I have so much respect for Brendan, because's not letting any of his frustration show through or boil over and he's behaving really, really well with her, which is lovely to see. 

As for the other Joe.... good Christ, can he go soon? Because THE MAN CANNOT DANCE. End of discussion. 

There probably is more I wanted to say, but the X-Factor results are calling me... (hoping the godawful Twins will go, but am not holding my breath....)  

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