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jaw on the floor...

Multi-tasking is a great thing - I'm sitting in my room, getting caught up on the millions of shows I have to watch (Night Shift first, followed by BSG) and I also have the TV on, watching Charity You're A Star. (stop laughing


(For those who don't know, You're A Star is the Irish equivalent of Pop Idol or The X-Factor (but not as good), and Charity You're A Star is the celebrity version they do each summer - although they don't call it Celebrity You're A Star, because most of the time you look at the line up and ask who the heck half of them are!)

Anyway, final seven are on tonight (helsinkibaby, the All-Stars did "500 Miles". Wearing kilts. And county colours. Very good, and very funny!). But that's not the jaw on floor bit. Results time, Brian Ormond lines them up, gets them to face each other, runs through what the judges said about each of them (laying it on very thick, worse than even Seacrest!) and then, after a big pause, turns to Joe O'Shea and goes "Joe, you're out, hard luck, everyone else is safe."

That's what has the jaw on the floor - cold or what!?! (Not to mention the fact he's probably the best singer in the competition, but that's a quarrel for another day.....)

I think come the final next Sunday (not that I'll see it, cause you know, we'll be at G3!) the eventual winner is going to be the unsinkable SBB.....

Now, back to Night Shift.....


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