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all about the dancing tonight.....

RTE2 just finished showing the first ep of this season's US Dancing with the Stars (I think that makes us about 2 weeks behind America...) - I'd completely forgotten that it was on, until Mum was flicking channels and we saw the celebs walking down the staircase; my ear-splitting shriek of "DOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" frightened the life out of my father and also made Mum think twice about changing the channel again!!

Early favourites are the aforementioned Donny and Kym (who I've loved since I saw her dance with Joey Fatone, I think she's just adorable) and also Mark and Lacey. Did NOT like Aaron and Karina, (and not only because I'm FIRMLY on Team Maks, but because that boy has a face that is just MADE for slapping!)

The female celebs dance tomorrow night; I will have to either tape it or source a download as I have my book club meeting (and I finished the book this time!! Go me!!). The other thing I have to set a tape for is tomorrow's It Takes Two, as Chris Marques and Jackie Spencer are going to be on talking about the salsa training!! Love those two - and I'm hoping they get a chance to strut their stuff on Saturday night so we can see how salsa is supposed to be done!!

BTW, from watching ITT tonight, it looks like all the couples who did ballroom last week will be doing Latin this week. Which means that Laila and Anton, who did quickstep last Saturday, will be doing the salsa this week.

Let me state that again.


Am I the only person who finds this utterly terrifying????
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