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So I followed the first half of the show on Twitter, and watched the seond half... putting some thoughts behind the cut, just in case cheapevilgirldoesn't want to be spoiled before she watches!!!!

Louis Walsh, you have made me ASHAMED to be Irish. How the hell he can justify putting those obnoxious little twerps through to the live shows, I have no idea. I TOTALLY agreed with Simon when he called them "vile little people who would step on their mother's head for a hit record." They are vile. As is Louis.

Cheryl sent home Ethan the cute American? Clearly, whatever Louis is smoking, she's had some as well. Dumb dumb move.

Think Dannii got it right; she picked the stongest girls.

Sad that Daniel didn't get through, and that was a fairly flimsy reason that Simon gave him. I think I probably would have put him in instead of Olly, though I agree with Simon that Olly has massice likeability factor.

DELIGHTED that Jamie Afro got through, I've loved him since his first audition when he sang "Sex on Fire" and completely tore it up. But oh my goodness, Simon was so mean the way he told him - "You're going home...... with an invitation to come to the live shows" So mean, but great TV when you saw the look on Jamie's face!! Definitely my favourite, and the one I'll be pulling for next week.

Am so glad that they've stopped showing the contestants going home and telling their nearest and dearest if they got through or not - that used to kill me!!!

And hopefully, the "LIVE" results show on Sunday will actually be live (unlike Strictly!!)


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