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My gast, it is flabbered....

To cut a long story short, Greg Vaughan is OUT as GH's Lucky Spencer, and Jonathan Jackson (aka Original!Lucky) is back in.

Greg announced the news on his twitter late last night (early hours of the morning for me!): As of today, with sad regrets, I will no longer be apart of what has been a big part of me and my families life. GH and TPTB have choosen to take a new direction. I THANK ALL of YOU, for the many memories we've shared and new ones to come!!! ALL MY LOVE, & BIG HUGS to YOU the FANS!!! I LOVE YOU ALL MORE!!!!

The official ABC announcement: "Greg Vaughn has decided to vacate the role to explore new opportunities. We thank him for his years engaging our audience and dedication to the show and network. The cast and crew wish him well in all his future endeavors."

I am completely stunned by this - talk about a bolt from the blue!! My honest reaction is that I am devastated for Greg Vaughan, who I think has been treated horribly by ABC. The press release gives the impression that he chose to leave, while his tweet indicates otherwise. And given that JJ's first date back at GH is THIS THURSDAY, I call shenanigans - it looks like ABC managed to convince JJ to come back, and Greg was unceremoniously fired yesterday.

The tweets from his co-stars, incidentally, would appear to back that up - NLG is "heartbroken" and Brandon Barash, Lisa LoCicero and Sarah Brown all expressed surprise and sadness.

I think the thing that I find most annoying about the whole thing is this - now that JJ is back as Lucky, you know that the character is going to be front and centre on GH, which is something that GV / Lucky fans have been pushing for ages. It's been obvious for a long time that TPTB have no interest in writing for Greg as Lucky, and have zero respect for him in the role. The character of Lucky has been thrown under the bus so often - the horrible drug addiction / affair with Maxie storyline is a case in point (I still maintain a Lucky / Maxie affair was viable if it had have been written half decently.... she's devastated after Jesse's death; as his partner, Lucky looks out for her, when he feels insecure about Liz, confides in her, one thing leads to another - that's one way it could have gone, but my main point is that they could have written that storyline without thrashing Lucky as a character). His pairing with Sam is another case in point - Greg and Kelly Monaco had real chemistry together, but the relationship was largely off-camera (and again, a Spencer falling for a Cassadine??? Again, the story could write itself in the hands of halfway competent writers!!)

Man, didn't realise I felt so strongly about this....

There's also a rumour going round that JJ is only back for a six month stint.... if that's true, what happens after that? Do they write Lucky out entirely or are we looking at yet ANOTHER recast??

I just hope that ABC have learned their lesson and don't run any "Real Lucky" promos for JJ's return; for me that would be completely disrespectful (so you just KNOW that they will!)

Have just finshed reading Serial Drama's piece on this - one of the commenters called it "douchebaggery of the highest order"; and I must say I'm inclined to agree...

So in essence, I'm pissed for Greg, but am interested to see what they make of this......

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