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Am very tired at the moment, and my internet connection is very slow, which I'm thinking is the universes way of telling me to go to bed!!!

Will put up my Strictly thoughts tomorrow - to be vague (at the risk of spoiling anyone) I was not delighted with the result, but not surprised either. Ricky Whittle's rumba was just amazing though, and I still love Brendan Cole.

And that is all I shall say about that!!

Had an interesting Holy Moly moment today - was attending a Readers Day in one of the county libraries, lots of different authors talking about their books and careers (including the fabulous Melissa Hill, whose books you should all rush out and read becuase they are fab!!) One of the other girls from my book club was there as well, and we were talking at lunch - she's living in the town, but isn't from there; but she mentioned tdoday that she has family living in the town, and that she used to come to them for he summer holidays, Being as you're a local, she said, you might know them. When she told me the name, I nearly fell off the chair - her aunt was best friends with my Aunt Nancy, who passed away a couple of years ago.

Just goes to show that ireland really is a very small place!!!
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