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Have just finished watching tonight's show, and this is going to be quick because I have an early start tomorrow!!

 I absolutely loved Ricky and Natalie and Zoe and James - I love the song that Ricky danced to (It Is You I Have Loved by Dana Glover) and I thought he danced amazingly well; the same with Zoe and James (and on a purely shallow note, I LOVED her dress!!)

I thought the best tango of the night had to be Laila and Anton - and it's so cute how excited he is to have her as a partner!!! He really is like the cat that got the cream!!

I felt bad for Jo, as she was so nervous, but I loved Brendan for saying how proud he was of her. (Yes, I love Brendan. Shoot me!)

Natalie and Vincent... I just wasn't feeling it. She came across as adorable in the VT, but this dance did nothing for me.

Craig and Flavia... loved the choreography, but not the execution, I thought he was a bit stompy...

Richard and Lilia... love Lilia, and he did very well (considering she spent 2 weeks teaching him how to walk, and all his falls mean he physically can't hold his arms up!)

Surprise of the night had to be Tuffers... his waltz was just lovely!! (And how adorable is Katya??)

Right, on that note, I'm away to my bed!!!!
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