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Strictly Come Dancing, 701 & 702

Thought's on both Friday and Saturday's shows behind the cut:

Starting at the end, I am completely devastated and annoyed that my lovely Matthew was the first to go out. Not overly disappointed about Martina Hingis, was never overly fond of her when she was playing tennis, but she came across as quite nice here. But dude, it's MATTHEW. He is my very favourite professional dancer on the show!!! Am gutted. Goes without saying that absolutely the wrong person went - and in fact, the person would SHOULD have gone wasn't even in the bloody dance off!!

This week also illustrated my hatred of Len getting the casting vote - I think it should be like X-Factor, and if 2 jusges vote for 1 couple and 2 for the other, it should go to the public vote. This probably wouldn't have helped Martina and Matt, but it would be a hell of a lot fairer than Len essentially getting two votes.

This is why they should have brought Alesha on as a fifth judge and kept Arlene, or brought Alesha and Darcy both on the panel - to break the tie.

Now I've gotten that little tantrum out of the way, let's talk about the dancing! I thought Martina showed potential, even though she was a bit wobbly on her feet at times. Rav, again showed potential, more so in the Saturday show than the Friday. Although I will say that at least he went out there and tried his hardest, which is more than some of them did. 

Which brings me nicely to Joe Calzaghe. Holy Mary, Mother of God, this was BAD. Len was spot on with the "dance only a mother could love" comment, and Craig was spot on wiith the rigor mortis comment. He was beyond bad. helsinkibaby was in the house watching the Saturday night show with Mam and myself, and she made the comment that at least now we know why the showmance was being pushed so hard - that is literally all they have. And the face of Kristina when the second set of marks came up, and during all teh backstage stuff - she looked livid!!

Ricky and Erin - he was nervous as hell in the waltz (and his posture was awful!) and his cha cha.... again, I'm going with Craig, technically awful but marvellously entertaining!! I'm glad they went through - I really do love Erin, and I'd like to see her stick around a while (still bitter that she got screwed over last year!!)

My 2 favourites of the night were Chris and Ola and Ali and Brian.Chris really surprised me, I thought he was actually very good, you sould see that he was trying his absolute best, and he seems to have a nice partnership with Ola. And God knows that girl is due a decent partner!! And having seen him on ITT tonight and looking at his VT's, he seems like a really nice guy. Ali and Brian were just absolutely gorgeous to watch - neither of those dances looked like week one performances, and i am dying to see what they do next!!

Jade and Ian... I thought their waltz was a million times better once he got her into hold, she was very unsteady on her feet before that. I absolutely loved the cha-cha, it was fun and light and they looked like they were havong a ball. Again,I agreed with Len when he commented you could see they have a good rapport between them.   

Lynda and Darren..... oh dear. Darren may work the comedy angle, because that's all they have at the mo. I can see them being good in ballroom (there's a lot to be said for staying in hold) but the Latin doesn't fill me with joy. Although at least in the cha cha, she was doing the footwork, even if her hips weren't moving!!! 

All in all, I did like the 2 night format - it's a big advantage seeing them do dances in both disciplines!!

Last thing to comment about is what's been all over the papers today - the judges. I thought Alesha didn't do that bad a job this weekend - she stuck to what she knew, the performace and the whole "voice of the viewer" thing, and I thought she did well. I can't believe there are people condemning her so badly when they haven't given her a chance, and it was nice to see Craig sticking up for her on breakfast tv this morning, and again on ITT tonight. I'll be honest, Arlene drove me up the wall and back down again with all her alliterative comments, so Alesha's low-key judging style worked for me.
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