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cheapevilgirl, you absolutely are brilliant!! As I said in the tweet, I am flailing so hard right now!!!

You see, earlier on in the summer, cheapevilgirlused her super-dooper fast broadband to download Fame for helsinkibaby. She posted them a couple of weeks ago,  and sent helsinkibabyan e-mail telling her they were on the way, and there was something in the box for me. They arrived on Friday, and helsinkibabyarrived over for Sunday dinner a few minutes ago and the first thing she said to me is, "smiley_b, shut your eyes and trust me."

So I did. 

I can hear her crossing the room to stand in front of me, and she says "Open."

So I did. 

To see the AMERICAN IDOL LIVE TOUR 2009 PROGRAM in front of me. 

And did I mention, it's AUTOGRAPHED??????????

To say I was pretty much speechless would be a bit of an understatement  - that is the most thoughtful surprise that anyone has ever sent me!! After I'd finished flipping through it and flailing (my mother, btw, now officially thinks I've lost my mind.......) I grabbed the phone and sent the tweet to say thanks - I'm on cloud nine at the moment!!!

(helsinkibabyalso sends her profound thanks - she'll be sending you a mail later on this evening, once she's back in her own house and reunited with her computer!)
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