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Holy Mary, Mother of God.

Grant Aleksander has just killed me. I am a weeping, snivelling wreck. (Which is a step up from the ugly, snotty howling wreck I was 15 minutes ago). The scene where he found Alan.... talking about how Alan had saved him and how he wanted to just live in the moment... and then when he walked to the other side of the bench and realised....

Oh god, now I'm off again....

Like I said last night, I accidentally spoiled myself for this, but after watching the ep, it kinda made sense. For so long, Alan has been the villian, and I always thought he was irredeemable. And now, in the course of the last few eps, he has been. So I think dramatically speaking, it made sense to kill him off at this point - adds to the tragedy, the pathos.

I just wish that we had more than 3 eps to go, becuase the fallout to this SHOULD be epic!

I also loved the scene with Beth - her picking shells, and the proposal.... theway Grant's face just lit up, and how it was so obvious that Beth Chamberlain just couldn't control her tears. (And her dress, by the way, was fabulous)

The whole double wedding was just brilliant - I teared up during the vows, expecially when Billy got so choked up, and again at Josh's best man speech. I feel so bad for Josh, because he's so lost right now. Talking about going back to Venezuela... there is part of me that wants him to wind up with Reva, but if they manage that over the course of the next 3 eps I'll be amazed. (Then again, there is a rumour that they're doing a flash forward, so if that's true it's not outside the bounds of possibility...)

And now, I have to go on a little ramble, and I apologise, but we had ORIGINAL RECIPE DYLAN AND BRIDGET people!!! And the way Morgan's face lit up when Dylan saw Bridget at the country club for the first time.... they still have the same chemistry they had all those years ago!! Even though they've barely spoken, it's obvious that they're no longer together, so TIIC haven't completely erased the clusterf*** that was Brian Gaskill's tenure (as I so hoped they would!). But oh my God, it was so good to see them again!!! (At some point in the next 3 eps, I would love a scene between them that includes the line "it was like I/you were a different person for a while there," becuase while I'm sure Bryan Gaskill is a lovely guy, he was NOT DYLAN SHAYNE LEWIS.

Ok, stepping off my soapbox on that, or we will be here all night.... I'm going to start listing my faves in bullet points, or we surely will be...
  • Loved Shayne and Marina connecting over baby Henry. If there is a flash forward, my money is on them being together.
  • Loved Loved LOVED Lillian's scene at Maureen's grave. Loved the line about how her death changed the whole town - becuase for many fans, it did and I loved that they acknowledged that.
  • Loved how everyone is gradually finding out about Otalia, and taking it in their stride. The Phillip/Beth "yes, they're.... very close" convo had me howling with laughter.
  • The kid who plays Emma is so damn cute!
  • So glad that Jonathan is staying in town, and that he's arranged joint custody. And I loved Sarah meeting all her Spaulding family. LOVED the fact that Beth nearly choked on the word "Grandma"; that felt very real to me!
  • Loved the cameo from Jeanne Cooper and Cristian LeBlanc... he barely said a word but was so good as Justin the toyboy!
  • Still like Cyrus and Mel. (Although I LOATHE the whole retcon that made him Jenna's kid. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT
  • Frank and Blake on the IM's was cute, and them not knowing who they were talking to..... oh man!
  • Now, I love Blake, and I'm all for her having a romance, but in the days before cancellation, there was a rumour going the rounds that she was going to be hooking up with Josh, which I would really have loved to see. Though obviously, once the news of the cancellation broke, everything changed.
  • Have to say that I skipped through all the James / Daisy stuff. Because, and I know I'm like a bloody broken record on this one, HE USED TO BE HER BABY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!
I know there's more I want to say, but I think it's time to call it a night before I go into a complete rant about how TIIC are repsonsible for ruining this show and getting it off the air (actually, I was ranting about that and just copied it into a seperate doc, so that may be posted at some point over the next few days!) But for now, my bed is calling.....

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