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Guiding Light: 60 Minutes

I can't believe we're into the last week of Guiding Light....

here are youtube links for the 60 Minutes segment which broadcast yesterday (and yes, it did make me cry):
part 1:
part 2:

And I have to say, Grant Aleksander completely called it in this comment:  "There are some great stretches that the audience will grant you, you're allowed to send a child off at the age of 12 and bring them back 6 months later fully grown, they will accept all those kinds of things, they won't accept if you take a character and write it in a way that is completely inconsistent with what they have come to accept"

Shoddy, sloppy writing, more than anything else, is what irreperably harmed the show. Although I still think that if CBS had taken the leap of faith and renewed it for another year, things may have been different, because they really turned a corner in Feb of this year (Grant coming back, Otalia, etc)


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