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Have just spent 25 minutes on the phone to broadband tech support - by the luck of the draw I think I managed to get through to the only helpful person there (and no, that is not sarcasm!)

I'd rung them earlier on today, explaining last nights findings to a different lad, who was trying to convince me something must have happened to the cables. My reply was that they're cable-tied to the wall and covered with plastic trunking, so it was actually impossible to get at them!! Unhelpful chap suggested unplugging router and IDU, letting them power down and then plugging them back in.

Gee, ya think I didn't try that already????

Anyway, the lad I just spoke to listened when I explained all this, and tried talking me through resetting the router. It didn't respond at all, so we're back to thinking it's a router problem and having to get a new one. Much nicer to deal with than yesterday, he recommended buying one myself as they have a shortage at the mo, and said if I ring back and ask for him he'll talk me through configuring it.

So I'll be back on to FavouriteUncle!Jim later...

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