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Internet connection is once again being awfully slow... which leads to me messing around with photoshop (points to icon) and I'm actually reasonably happy wth how this one turned out!! (Though I find it disturbing how many SP icons I actually have.....)

Had a lovely weekend; was in Croke Park yesterday to watch my team, Meath, play Mayo in the All Ireland Quarter Final. Now, it has to be said that we went more in hope than expectation, Mayo were absolutely the red hot favourites. And considering it took 16 minutes for Meath to get on the scoreboard, we were very much afeared!!! But they came back to lead by a point at halftime and it was nip and tuck in the second half - until Mayo got  a goal and all of a sudden we were 4 points adrift.

This is where I turned to my Dad and said words to the effect of "that's it, we're gone." (but with a bit more force and possibly profanity!)

Oh me of little faith.... got a fortunate penalty, which Cian Ward buried in the back of the net, then another point to equalise. After that, it was pretty much all Meath - we hit them for 1-7 in total in the remainder of the game, they got 0-2. Wound up winning by 3 points, which was just AMAZING.

Next match is the semi-final against Kerry, on August 30th (2 days after my dad gets back from hols!! YAY!!) That's a bit of a scary one though, as Kerry STEAMROLLED the Dubs last week, and they owe us a hiding after we beat them at the same stage in 2001 (beat them by 15 points... they learned more from that then we did though!!)

Apologies for the length of that GAA ramble, but it's still just mindblowing to me that they actually won that match! My throat is still sore from all the screaming I did yesterday!

Now, I'm going to go and turn my broadband connection off and on again, see if that speeds things up.....

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