smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Another one bites the dust...

Just saw a link to this.... Hayley Holt found out by e-mail that the Beeb won't be asking her back for SCD7....

Not sure what to make of this really - I don't think we saw the best of her last year, she was partnered with Mark Foster who, lets face it, had a great body but could not dance to save himself. With even a halfway decent partner, who knows how she might have fared?

Plus, she's a ballroom specialist, which is something this show is woefully short on.

I'm beginning to get worried who they are actually asking back - I believe Darren and Lilia have confirmed, but I haven't heard anything else.... I hope they don't axe anyone else (especially not Matthew Cutler, as that would seriously make me re-think watching!!)
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