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Had a long catch-up comment written, was just about to post it and then my computer had a complete shit-fit and I lost it. There are no words to describe how frustrating that is!!!
Deep breath…..
OK!! The gist of it was that I’m still alive, although work is being a nightmare. The guy from New Zealand who was declined his work permit has left the company, and as we haven’t found a replacement his work has been shared out among the rest of the team – which for me means interviewing apprentices. (And I hate interviewing!). Did 27 the week before last – 9 of which were on a Monday when I was dying with a cold, and I could barely speak at the end of the day! Only thing is we’re all in the one boat – which is very cold comfort when you’re under so much pressure (and falling further and further behind in what is actually your own work!)
Having a minor problem with our DVD-Recorder too – bought it in the December sales, and when we finally got it hooked up, we noticed that the remote control the shop gave us was different than the one in the manual (it was a display model). But as we could still play/stop/ff/rewind, get into the hard disk, set the timer, we thought “no problem”. So 2 weeks ago, I was going to transfer some of the shows on it to disk, and I said I’d edit out the breaks. So there I am, manual on lap, and I get to the point where it says “press the edit button on the remote”
And I look at the remote, and there’s no fecking edit button! Nor is there a menu button so that I can navigate to the edit menu! Back to the shop I went, where they said they’d get on to Phillips to get another remote (as they didn’t have another model of that machine in stock). That was 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t heard a word from them since! Am feeling another visit (or at the very least an irate phone call) may be in order!
Will attempt to post this now (if it disappears I may cry!) and then go downstairs to curl with last Thursday’s ep of Without a Trace (am getting back into this show, as I am hopeful Enrique might be getting more screentime!)
Hope everyone’s keeping ok…..
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