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Oh noes......

Home from a weekend away with the folks (Bank Holiday weekend here in Ireland) and I had intended my first post to be about last week's Sea Patrol finale, which I still haven't blogged about!

However, courtesy of, it's been confirmed that 3 of the cast will not be returning to series 4. Jay Ryan (Spider), Saskia Burmester (Nav) and Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Buffer) all decided not to renew their contracts with the series (I believe they all inititally signed for 3 years, which fits in with David Lyons having to ask to be let out of his a year early; but I'm open to being proved wrong on that.)

Spider, I'm not bothered about one way or the other. I liked him, but he wasn't one of my faves. Nav, I will miss, because I think Saskia is awesome. But I guess it makes sense that Nikki would want to move on after ET's death.

And that brings us to Buffer. Oh God, do I even have to TELL you how gutted I am about this??? Seriously dude, he was my absolute favourite!!! I can't even be all eloquent and ranty because I seriously DO NOT HAVE THE WORDS FOR THIS!

That being said, I don't blame Jeremy for wanting to try other things as an actor; that's understandable. Sucks for me as a fan, but that's life. And we'll always have DVD's (and fanfics!!)

On happier news, Dublin were beaten off the park today by Kerry in the All_ireland Quarter-Final; beaten by 17 points. Oh happy, happy, joyous day......


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