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Sea Patrol 3.09

Otherwise known as The Ep I Thought Would Never Download!!!

As ever, thoughts are behind the cut:

This episode was very definitely worth the wait!!! Even though a big part of me was muttering "damn promo monkeys!" by the time it had finished, I really enjoyed every single second of it.

2Dads back in idiot mode again, but it made sense that if anyone was going to start a rumour about Buffer and Kate, it'd be him!! I loved Bomber's reaction when he first said it to her, then her reaction when he said it again in front of Charge and RO. I was surprised that Charge swallowed it though; and I loved Swain's initial reaction of not believing it.
Does it even need to be said that Swain got the line of the episode - "Don't forget to wear protection"

Loved that Nikki was the one to tell Kate what was going on - and maybe it's just me with my Buffer/X rose tinted glasses on, but there was an element of the lady doth protest too much going on there!! And when Mike was tackling them about it - "do you know why..." "no idea...."; okay, Buffer was fairly surprised, obviously this was the first he'd heard of it, but Kate just had the guiltiest face I've ever seen!! She should never play poker with anyone on this crew!!!

And the scene with the two of them on the deck - "My feelings for you are totally professional" - her touching his face; Holy Moly, Jeremy and Lisa have so much chemistry it's unreal!!! Obviously this isn't going to go anywhere (unfortunately) but they really do!!

Re Mike's reaction - he was so totally jealous!!

Am sure there's more I want to say about this ep, aside from the Buffer/X/Mike shenanigans, but I'm really tired at the moment and can't think... will have to watch the ep again tomorrow night and see what strikes me!!! (Oh God, the hardship!!!)

Am looking forward to next weeks double ep - hopefully it won't take so long for me to get it downloaded!!! Am glad to see the ET storyline coming back into it, and it looks like we're going to get to see some of the Nikki - Kate friendship that we've seen all through the season.

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