smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

I think the universe hates me....

Came home, sprinted upstairs to turn on the computer in order to download Sea Patrol.

Am smothered with a cold, thanks to getting soaked to the skin at a GAA match on Saturday night (but at least we win!) Am feeling very sorry for myself, so my plan for the evening was to curl up with a large bar of Galaxy chocolate and an ep full of Buffer/X goodness.

God laughs when we make plans people....

The site I usually use is down. Had to trawl (and I mean TRAWL) around the Internet before a second check of mininova showed a torrent. But the link was to a tracker site, so I had to register on that and then my email decided not to work!!!

Once I'd got that sorted and set the torrent up, there are no seeds available at present so nothing is happening!!!

And it's the ep I really, really want to watch!!!!


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