smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

This has been a long, long week. 

TV is (more or less) fixed - reception on the Irish channels is AMAZING, the English ones not so much! TV fixer-man was supposed to come back today, now it's been pushed out to Monday. But we actually have more than one channel now, so that's marvellous!

Work has been busy, and very unsettled - on Wednesday, one of the guys in our department (who, in terms of work, has the toughest and most time-consuming job, labour co-ordination for our company) was told he'd been turned down for a work permit. He's from New Zealand, here on a years visa and for some reason, the Dept of Justice has decided not to issue him with a new one. The Company is going to appeal, but his current visa runs out two weeks from today, and he has to leave the country at that point.

Understandably, he was devastated - and we were all shocked in the department - none of us ever thought he wouldn't get it. And another one of the girls is very freaked out now - she's Canadian, and applied to renew her work permit - she hasn't heard anything yet either, good or bad. So the athmosphere has been tense for the last few days. 

(Although one thing did make me smile.... when processing new starts, I looked at the name on one of the files and went "Hmm, that's familiar. Where do I know that name from?" Half an hour later, the penny dropped - the name on the file was "Michael Baldwin"  - and that's also the name of Christian LeBlanc's character on Y&R)
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