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Sea Patrol 3.07

Just finished watching this ep; thoughts may be more incoherent than usual, as I watched it with one eye on the laptop screen and the other one on the muted TV, which is showing Murray and Wawrinka at Wimbledon. (Great match btw!!)


OK, the tension in this ep was just off the charts!!! Although I did have to go to to find out what happened when they were winching Swain and Bomber up - there was a glitch on my recording (ahem....); one minute they're mid-air, the next minute Buffer, X and Spider are finding them in the lake! But from what I can make out from the posts in the ep thread, I'm guessing the rope snapped?

Again, I LOVED RO in this ep. The imitation of the nuclear explosion, plus him swinging upside down in the trap was just brilliant. I love that they're giving Kristian comedy to do this year (and how he keeps a straight face I'll never know - is it too much to hope for a gag reel in the S3 DVD's?) Also, Nav's face when she came across RO was a classic!

2Dad's rehabilitation continues apace - he was not unbearable in this ep, in fact the last scene with Jessica was really nice!

It's very obvious after this ep that Spider's carrying a torch for Bomber.... I could understand why he was so angry with Swain, but when he was disobeying orders I just wanted to yell at him for being so unprofessional!!! (And i realise I'm probably alone in that....)  

The scene with Swain and Bomber at the end was really lovely - in my post about last weeks ep, I was wondering where they going to do something between the two of them, becuase there have been a LOT of scenes between them this season. I don't think they will, particularly if he and Sally are trying for another child; and I don't even want them to because I love Swain and Sally and him cheating on her would completely ruin the character of Swain for me; but I do think Kirsty and Matt work really well together.

Someone (can't remember who) on the sea patrol forum made mention of the fact that when Buffer turned his back to the camera after he'd finished showering (and it must be said, the drool bucket got dragged out for THAT scene) his tattoo from last week was missing! Obvioulsy this is a case of shooting out of order and continuity missing it...

Speaking of continuity, keep your eye on Bomber - you can see the length of her hair changing depending on when it was shot!! There were definitely some scenes tonight where it was longish, then shorter, then long again!!    

And with that, I'm going to post this and give Murray and Wawrinka my full attention - Wawrinka has a break in the 4th and is serving at 6-5 to take it into a 5th set (and if you know me at all, y'all know I'm shouting for Wawrinka!!!!)

And now, I've probably just jinxed him!!

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