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Funniest interview ever...

It's a good job everyone in the house is still up, because I just laughed my head off watching this - Sasha Baron Cohen has a new movie coming out called "Bruno" and he's doing the rounds of TV to promote it. So today in Australia, he was on Rove.... and it was very very funny. The end of Clip 2 is hilarious, becuase you can totally see Rove freaking out, because he doesn't know what the makeover that Bruno is going to give him entails.

Clip 3 features the made-over Rove, and all I can say is that this might not be suitable for the faint of heart among you. (Thumbnail sketch - flesh-coloured body suit, red waistcoat and gold thong, which Bruno chases Rove around the soundstage and removes.)

It's no wonder that Rove tweeted after the show: "Well I won't forget that show in a hurry., where did I leave my dignity?"

Links are below (and hopefully Channel 10 will leave them up!!)

Clip 1:
Clip 2:
Clip 3:
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