smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Am sitting here with my Dad watching Dublin play Westmeath in the semi-final of the Leinster championship (Gaelic Games)

Currently, Dublin are leading 3-23 to Westmeaths 0-9 - that's 32 points to 9

and they just got a FOURTH goal as I type, so it's now 4-23 to 0-9, which is 35 points to 9.

And Ciaran Whelan (dirty, horrible, FILTHY player!) has just come on.

God, this is depressing!!!!

ETA: final score was 4-26 to 0-11; which is 38 points to 11,  a difference of 27 points. OUCH. (My CM, who's from Westmeath, is going to be in FOUL humour tomorrow...)
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