smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

So I'm not dead - just haven't posted here for almost 4 months (EEK!). Honestly, didn't think it had been that long - although November and December were two long months that just completely and utterly sucked - Swamped at work, being put under severe pressure by a couple of other people in my department, had a recurring cold that would not quit.. (and now, you see why I didn't update this! Wah wah, moan moan, poor me....) Have been keeping up with my friendslist though - like missimm says, it's just that I'm bad at finding time to update!

Tell you something though, I'm starting to remember why I don't go online at home very often.... in dial-up hell (and with a very slow modem on my laptop!), I've been waiting for the LJ update page to open for the last 10 minutes! And unfortunately Ireland, for such a prosperous country, has what can only be described as a completely crappy broadband service! Phone lines in the area where I live is incapable of supporting broadband, so we're stuck on dial-up (which makes life very interesting when my Dad goes online and connects to our work network in order to read his mails - many a time I've caught him pressing a button and starting in complete consternation at the PC as the command takes 5 minutes to execute!)

Am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend where I don't have to do much - I've a stack of tv to watch (the last 2 eps of BSG, some McLeods Daughters, first few eps of s2 Prison Break... the problem is going to be finding time to watch it all!)

OK, timer is saying I've been on-line for an hour, so I'm going to log off now before my mum has a fit at the size of the next phone bill!! My belated New Years Resolution is to try and update this more often... we'll see how that goes!
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