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Sea Patrol 3.06

Thoughts are behind the cut:

I LOVED this episode. Flat out, no holds barred, LOVED IT. Best of the season so far!!!!

Funniest bit had to be RO on the golf buggy - that guy should never be allowed to drink!! I laughed my head off when he stood up, soaking wet showing his dog tags "Robert Dixon, Radio Officer, Royal Australian Navy"!!

The Buffer/X stuff had me squeeing like a crazy person - okay, overall you can see they're going for Kate and Mike, but the scene at the computers - up until she saw the tatt - was brilliant; Buffer was bringing the heat!! ("It's a fine line between pleasure and pain X")

And then her reaction when she saw the tatt, and trying to avoid Buffer, the awkwardness.... yep, I was cringing for them!!!! I loved Buffer's menace toward Spider - again, he brought the heat!!!

Loved them sitting together at the end - as I say, I know Kate and Mike is probably endgame but good lord I wish they'd do more Kate and Buffer!! Lisa and Jeremy just work so well together!!

And I mean, this ep gave us shirtless Buffer. 

Let me say that again - shirtless. Buffer. 

I was a very happy girl, that's all as I can say. (and having seen TV Week scans for the next ep, I'll be happy again next Monday night!!!)

2Dads has redeemed himself a lot tonight - ok, the Danny Boy singing and the godawful Oirish accent you'd expect from him, but the way he was so out of his depth with the bomb and just kept on going, despite the fact you knew damn well that all he wanted to do was teleport out of there was brilliant. And I liked his and RO's kinda truce at the end. 

Nice to see Nav smiling for a change, and being badass on the boarding!! (I need a screengrab of Nav with the two guns to make a kickass Nav icon!) And her dancing with Bomber, then trying to get Charge and Swain to dance was fun. It's nice to see that side of the crew for a change. 

Now a question - is anyone else picking up on a subtext between Bomber and Swain, or is that just the unnatural humidity Ireland is having at the moment causing my brain to short-circuit? Because this isn't the first ep I've seen it; there was that nice scene in China Dolls where she's basically telling him not to feel guilty because they couldn't save the mother. I don't for one second think anything would happen between them - as I've said before, Swain is basically The Nice Guy and he's Happily Married and all, but it could bring some nice angsty goodness into play....

I'm sure there's more I meant to say, but the humidity here is killing me...... will post more if / when I remember it!! 
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