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helsinkibaby - TV alert!!!!!!!!

Just flipping through the TV Guide for the week and this jumped out at me:

Wednesday June 24th, 01.20

(1998, General Movie/Drama)
A city-based businessman has his eyes opened when investigating a tract of rural Alabama land as a potential coal-mining operation for his father's organisation. However, the more he gets to know the residents of the local town and the natural beauty of the area, the harder he finds it to think in only commercial terms. Then an encounter with the vivacious head of the nearby care home makes his dilemma complete. Romantic drama, with Peter DeLuise, Jamie Hendrix Collins and Emily Carpenter.

I'm sure you still have this on video somewhere (don't think any videos went the way of Murphy's skip, but who knows....) but you might want to get it on DVD...

(BTW, that's Wednesday night going into Thursday morning. Just so there's no confusion!!)
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