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Sea Patrol 3.05

Have just finished watching; thoughts below the cut:

OK, first and foremost, have to say that I really did miss Buff in this ep!!. This is the ep that JLT missed because of his calf injury - according to an interview with one of the scriptwriters, RO took his place and they just re-wrote some of the dialogue as they shot. But they did a good job, and it was nice to see RO take on more a leadership role.

Nikki and Campbell Fulton..... I agree that guy would not know the truth if it bit him on the bum, but at the same time I think something very dodgy is going on with Robsenn Marine and he knows what it is!  And just that lst shot of Fulton - was I the only person who looked at that and immediately thought that he wasn't long for this world???? Because Blair McDonough's character is obviously not as vanilla as he has appeared up til now - I think the "just try it sailor boy" proved that!!

Loved the bits of Swain and Nikki friendship that we saw - and I LOVED the punch!!!!

Spider is just so adorkable - i burst out laughing at Nav's "Not as stupid as that" at the start of the ep. I liked him trying to do the right thing by the kid, and we actually got some backstory in tonight's ep!!! (that he was adopted). I have to say I'm really enjoying his character this year -  and it boggles the mind that Jay Bunyan doesn't look any older than he did when he was in Neighbours a good few years back!!

As always, Saskia just killed me - that girl can turn on the waterworks like so few other actresses can!!! And I like that she actually looks like a mess when she's crying, if that makes any sense - she's not afraid to do the ugly tears!!!

As for next week..... BUFFER!!! And a bomb on the Hammersley!!! Good times people, good times!!!
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