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TV Round-Up

Watched a lot of tv over the past few days... thoughts are below the cut....

Ian is gone, Ian is gone, Ian is gone!!!!

Sorry, had to get that out of my system! In fairness, Mica & Ian weren't the worst on the night, that was definitely Georgie & James. Their rumba was the kind of routine that the more you watch it, the worse it gets! He was dragging her all around the floor and she was completely wooden. I did think they would go; that Mica and Ian had done enough to stay for another week. That being said, I did howl with joy when Tess called their names!

Although the thought of Georgie's jive next week just SCARES me...

As for the others.... LOVED Carol and Matthew's quickstep! My Matthew Cutler love was cemented with this routine - how can you not love a man who choreographs a quickstep to Dolly Parton? Also enjoyed Louisa and Vincent - never seen anyone as nervous as she was before she went on, but she did really well. (And on a shallow note, her dress was stunning!)

Claire and Brendan - well, Craig said it all really. "Absolute filth. I loved it!" Which I did - I thought they had the most chemistry of all the rumba couples, and I didn't think the lifts ruined the routine, I thought they worked quite well (even though they shouldn't have done them!) Definitely think they're playing up the whole "bad girl, bad boy" thing though - will be interesting to see how long that lasts for. 

Best couple of the night for me was Emma and Darren. (Surprise surprise!). Loved the choreography, loved the music, loved the interaction between them. I think they could go all the way - can't wait to see them jive next week!

Speaking of jive, the professionals group jive  was one of my favourite pro dances ever - the energy that was on that floor!

Guy's swing dance - loved Karen and Mark, thought they did well (even though they were out of sync on those kicks). But Peter was just excruciating to watch - first out and out Latin dance he has to do, he'll be gone. 

And then we had....

Also known as the return of Sean!!!

Very happy was I - though I would be happier still if he shaved! Can live with the longer hair, but God that beard has got to go! Thought himself and Comfort had a bit of a spark - will be interesting to see where they go with this. (I'm still bitter they tanked Comfort and Finn when Kwame left). Can't wait to find out the background between Tina and Sean - that "What do you mean she called him Daddy?" scene just killed me!

And I'm bitter we didn't get to see the Sean and Charlie going for a drink scene!

In non-Sean stuff, I also liked the little moment between Guppy and Cyd.....

And then last night.....

Spent most of the ep squeeing "Marcel!" - the head terrorist guy was played by Dhaffer L'Abidine, who was formerly Marcel Sabatier in Dream Team. Nice to see him again, even if he is evil (though like Sean, the beard needs to go!). Not a bad ep - I loved seeing Malcolm enthuse over the bugs, and the Ros-Malcolm stuff was great. (THough she is still a complete cow and I still loathe Hermione Norris with the heat of 1000 suns!)

Also spent 5 mins begging the TV, "No Adam, don't shag the nanny" - which of course he did, which was utterly predictble - she's either now going to be (a) evil or (b) collateral damage - I'm going for the latter!!

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