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GL news....

So, the big soap casting news that hit the blogsphere today: Crystal Chappell is on her way back to Days of our Lives to reprise her role as Dr Carly Manning.

Crap, that means I'm going to have to watch Days once she starts airing.....

Also, it's a hammer blow to the (admittedly slim) chances of GL being picked up by another network, as CC / Otalia is the biggest draw they have at the moment.

In other GL news, there is a rather unsettling rumour going around.... am erring on the side of caution and putting it under a cut tag, as it's storyline related as opposed to casting:

In todays Suds Report, Nelson Branco says: buzz is someone's going to die in GL's final ep.

Other blogs have said that the reason Dr Ed Bauer returns is that Philip contacts him - there's something wrong with Phillip and he doesn't know what it is, so he contacts Ed. After running tests, Ed gives Phillip the news that he has about 3 months to live. (And that's about  the same amount of time GL has left on the air.)

On one hand, it makes sense as to why Phillip would return home out of the blue the way he has done. (People have asked him "why come home now?" and he's never answered.

But on the other hand, they couldn't kill him off in the final ep of the show, could they???????

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