smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Internet Woes continued.......

Broadband is still crawling slow.... you know times are bad when I can't even face ringing That Lying Crowd of Shysters and having an argument with them on the phone!!! To cope with it tonight, I went into the local library and got the new book for my book club, All Names Have Been Changed by Claire Kilroy. Having read a few reviews, I'm looking forward to reading this....

Just done a speedtest - download speed is 0.08 mb/s on a 3mb connection. I think I'm going to cry now.... (Though, in fairness, it has been behaving itself on Monday, allowing me to download Sea Patrol in a speedy manner, which is something.... all about the priorities me!!) It's just so bloody frustrating - works fine for a couple of weeks, and then it's back to the same old problems again.

Ooh.... second speedtest is up to 0.17mb/s ..... I may faint from excitement!!!

Ah well, I'm just going to crawl into my bed and watch The Mentalist.....

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