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Sea Patrol 3.04

Have just finished watching this....

I absolutely LOVED this episode!!! Brilliant from beginning to end! 

How any of them actually managed to trust Kershaw was completely beyond me! The guy just came across as an out and out creep - I spent most of the ep wondering why he had such a hate for Mike, who'd obviously never met him before, and I think Marshall was right that he was just twisted up with jealousy. Still, when he started talking about the navigation course and the Lt Commander having an affair with his student.... was I the only one who wanted Mike to haul off and punch him?? (Though for obvious reasons, it was probably better that he didn't!!) 

That being said, I really enjoyed the scene on the bridge where Charge was geeking out showing the boat to Kershaw - his enthusiasm was just so cute and infectious!!!

The Kate and Mike scene at the end had me wondering - was that just a friendly working dinner or was there something more going on?? Because they looked very cosy, didn't they??

Nice (?) to see the Robsenns again and bring ET's death back to the front-burner - there's no way that was an accident, and going on the promo I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next, becuase I don't think Nav is going to let the finding of "accidental death" remain without poking into it some more. I liked the scene where she told the Robsenns that ET was her fiance and they were going to get married - I liked the way that Saskia played it; you could see that Nikki was devastated and searching for answers but she still managed to hold herseld together. I have to say, Saskia Burmeister has been nailing everything they've given her since the very first ep this season - she has been amazing, and I hope to God she gets nominated for a Logie next year, because she really does deserve it.

In other stuff, I loved RO and his comment of trying bamboo under the fingernails and Swain's "huh??"

Spider's whole "I think I shot him" had me rolling my eyes - like, no shit Sherlock!!! The fact he didn't want to talk about it was typical bloke - loved Kate's comment about the testosterone levels being out of control, Nav and Bomber agreeing and poor Buffer could't say a word.

On a shallow note, Buffer looked hot as ever this week, but when Mike walked into the ward room wearing that tight t-shirt??? Holy Moly he was hot as well!!! (/shallowness)

2Dads seems to have inheirited Spider's mantle of "Doof of the Week" - I couldn't believe he actually left the bridge in Kershaw's hands!! But at least he took his punishment on the chin, which shows some progress. And I like that - as I said about 3.02, I think his arc is going to be about growing up and becoming part of the team; and in fairness, he hasn't been as totally obnoxious as he was in his first ep!!!

Is it next Monday yet?????
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