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Sea Patrol 3.03

So, as I'm waiting for Sea Patrol 3.04 to download (currently at 96% and crawling...) I figure it might be an idea to actually post my thoughts on last weeks ep!! I did watch it last Monday night, but by the time I was finished watching it was past 11 o'clock, and as my alarm goes off at 5.30, opening up Internet Explorer would not have been a good idea!!!

As ever, thoughts are behind the cut...

I enjoyed this ep; not quite as much as the two that went before it, but I did enjoy it. Nice to see Swain getting something to do, and it made perfect sense to me that he'd be so affected by the baby and the mother dying - I always think that Swain is painted as the quintessential nice guy, and this really showed that side of him.

Also nice to see a different side to Kate - for someone who was so by the regs when she joined the Hammersley, it's nice to see how far she's come as a character.

Very glad they scaled back on 2Dads in this ep - a little bit goes a long way!! And I was really glad at the Spider undercover scenes - when I read that bit in the blurb, I literally rolled my eyes: the idea of anyone sending Spider undercover seemed slightly ludicrous and I really think it's time they stopped doing the "Oh, Spider's such an doof" bits, 3 seasons on, there has to be some growth in the character!! But fair play to the writers, it really did work and Spider acquitted himself well. (Which means that surely to goodness, he'll be a doof in 3.04 and I'll be back here in a couple of hours recanting what I've just said!!)

Absolute favourite moment in the ep - which had me squeeing like the fangirl I am!!) was when the crew disembarked at Indigo Point, and Buffer put his arm around the X and told her to stay close, that this wasn't the kind of place for a woman. And then when they got to the pub, and some of the locals wolf-whistled at Kate and her response of "yeah, he's cute, isn't he?" meaning Buffer - there's actually nothing coherent I can say about any of that, so lets just pretend I said something really profound...

Though once they were IN the club, the idea of the girls staying away from Buffer yet actually giving 2Dads the time of day...... there is something very wrong with that picture!!!

And now, I've just had a pop-up saying that 3.04 has finished downloading, so I'm off to watch that.....
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