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Link salad

cheapevilgirl , not sure if you're still avoiding AfterElton - just in case you are, here's the direct link for an interview they did with Thom Bierdz. There's an awful lot of "I can't answer that" in it, but it's a great read:

And here's the link to a different interview he did with the Advocate:

In other soap links, the Goddess that is Crystal Chappell updated her website blog: with a really lovely post. She's also joined up to Twitter; so far today she's been tweeting from the set of the July 4th Bauer BBQ, which IS actually a Bauer BBQ this year as Danny and Michelle are back!!! (And I admit, I signed up to Twitter just so that I can follow her tweets. How sad is that??)

And in really sad news: Ethan Zohn, winner of Survivor Africa back in the day, has announced he's battling cancer. Link to article There's also a video on the site where it shows him getting his trademark mop of curls cut off before he undergoes his first session of chemo. 

And now, I'm off to watch the remainder of the Champions League Final - not going our way at the moment though!!!!
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