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Sea Patrol 3.02

Obviously, the broadband gods were listening to me this week - Sea Patrol downloaded in a little over 2 hours!!! (Instead of the Phillip Spaulding effect on the GL downloads, it must be the Buffer effect for Sea Patrol!!!)

As ever, thoughts are behind the cut to spare those who haven't seen (or don't watch!!)

OK, lets start with the obvious - The New Guy. I didn't necessarily like 2Dads, then again I don't think that I'm supposed to. (Am I??) He is cocky and thinks too much of himself (Nav was right on the money there) but I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with his character. I have a feeling his story arc over the season will go from being out for himself to being one of the team. (Though I really wanted to see Buffer break him in two!!)

Saskia Burmeister continues to break my heart - the scene between Nav and the X was just beautifully done. I like that Nikki is still obviously grieving ET - so many times in shows a character loses someone that they love, and in an ep or two later everything's fine. I like that TPTB haven't done that; that they're going to play the beats in this one. I also like that Nikki can't stand 2Dads and is suspicious of him - again, it rings true.

I thought the scene where the monkey drops down in front of the X was very well done - respect to her for not screaming like a banshee, which is what I would have done if I were in her shoes. And 2Dads reaction "Oh my God it's a monkey" was just SO unconvincing, I have no idea how he thought she'd buy that!!!

I wassurpised when the guys from the market turned out to be on the Monsoon - I'm not sure if it was a deliberate trap for the Hammersley, or just pure luck on their part. (Will have to look again and see.)  I liked the fact that Nikki didn't go to pieces, managed to stay calm and in control - she is fast becoming one of my favourite characters on this show. (Aftter Buffer).

Speaking of - after seeing this ep, I'm more convinced than ever that, at some point, they're going to go down the Buffer / Nav road. Maybe not this season, but I do think they're laying the groundwork for that. And I'd like to say that, while this is something I would like to see, I don't think that they should do it this season. ET's death is still too raw, and I can't see Nav going there this soon. Though as you can tell from my many icons, I'm partial to Buffer/X and saw a scan of an article yesterday which said something about Buffer having to deal with rumours about his relationship with the XO. My succinct response was "Giddy up!" (said out loud, which made my father give me a very odd look. You think he'd be used to me geeking out by now!!)

So that's my initial thoughts - anyone else reading this care to comment??
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