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Sea Patrol 3.01

Just finished watching the first episode - largely incoherent thoughts are behind the cut:

First and foremost, Saskia Burmeister just KILLED me in this ep. She was just amazing - the scream she let out when Nav found ET had the hairs standing up on the back of my neck. And she absolutely rocked all the crying scenes as well - not easy to do.

No great surprise that it was ET who died, despite the promo monkeys best attempts at misdirection (though Australia's Sunday Telegraph actually naming who died yesterday kinda blew that out of the water!!) Though it was fairly obvious to anyone with half a brain, seeing as David Lyons has been in the US working on ER and has now got a new pilot! The Nav / ET stuff at the start of the ep was gorgeous though, and the proposal made me squee like a mad thing... even knowing what was going to happen!!

Speaking of reading bits in papers, I read an interview with Hal and Di McElroy earlier on where Di was talking about "the actor" who came to them asking to be let go so that he could do other projects. Her response - "We'll let you go if you let us kill you."

I loved everyone's reactions - they're such a close-knit group on the Hammersley, and the reactions felt real and believable. I liked the friendship that you could see between X and Nav, and as for the Buffer and Nav scene (you are not alone in this) and him holding her hand as she sobbed over ET's body ... OH MY GOD there are just no words!!! (Actually, I think there are - SHIP AHOY!!!!)

Doubtless, I shall post more in the next day or so - at the mo my brain is just hitting "So brilliant" and "Saskia just killed me!!" 

To everyone on my friends list - you really need to download this show and watch it so that i can has people to squee with!!! Pretty please????
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