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The good, the bad, and the downright confusing

Good news - Castle got picked up for a second season!! This makes me ridiculously happy!!!

Bad news - my internet connection is still as slow as a wet evening on the M50. I rang Customer Service earlier on and got fed the usual line about how the engineers are working on the basestation and it should be fixed in a week or so..... yanno, the ususal crap!!! The annoying thing is it was fine on Thursday, up and down like a fiddler's elbow yesterday and then slow as hell again this morning!!! The inconsistency is annoying, as is the customer service promising to call you with an update and then not calling - I brought this up with the guy this morning and he was all "Oh, we had no new information which is why we didn't call" and I told him that if they just called like they said they would and said engineers were working and there was no new information that it might go some way towards alleviating customer frustration!! I actually felt sorry for the poor guy by the end - he kept trying to fob me off and I wasn't having any of it!!!

And as a follow up to yesterday's "This makes my head hurt" news.....

Soaps in Depth is apparently reporting that Thom is back, but not as Philip.

This scares me (and, quite frankly, annoys me) The only way that this storyline works is if they go all out; he has to be the person we saw grow up as Philip III, the guy who died 20 years ago in that car wreck. If it turns out to be a twin / doppelganger / conman friend of Cane's who had plastic surgery or any other nonsense, then it's nothing more than a massive cheat on the fans. This should be a story about missed opportunities over the last 20 years, about Jill and Nina and Kay's pain over losing Philip, their joy and anger over seeing him again, the fall-out for the Cane / Lily relationship (in which they have to acknowledge the icky fact that he's old enough to be her father - LITERALLY!!!!).

Seriously, why go to all the trouble of getting Thom back, keeping it such a secret, having the big reveal and then he's not Philip??

Am sitting her watching the match with Dad (halftime, 0-0 between Man U and Arsenal for those who wonder "what match") and one of the talking heads has just been talking about Didier Drogba and Chelsea. He's just dropped the bomb that as far as he can see, Drogba's attitude shows that he thinks he's bigger than Chelsea. Seriously dude, what was your first clue???

And with that, I'm off to see Star Trek for the third time...

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