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Strictly Come Dancing, Week One

Have I mentioned how much I love this show?? 

Was pretty surprised that they made Lilia open the show for the second year in a row, and I thought that Matt did suffer for being the first celeb on the floor. That being said, he did very well (even though you could see him thinking each step through) but he could actually move and I think he'll do well. (Of course, he could be this years James, great at ballroom and crap at Latin. Only time will tell).

Although I think that honour could go to Peter Schmeichal - who really surprised me by doing the most elegant waltz of the night!! There was rise and fall, the footwork was really good.... I was most amazed. 

Favourite routines of the night were Camilla and Ray and Mark and Karen. Camilla just looked like she was having so much fun on the floor - again, they've given her a good partner this year (and after David Dickenson in season 1, she deserves it!). Mark and Karen's routine just made me grin like an idiot - I love Karen, I love how she wears her heart on her sleeve, and I love that she's going out there and having fun! And her reaction when Arlene started going on about how hot Mark was - "You're not having this one!" made me howl with laughter!

I thought Spoony and Ola were great as well - god, isn't she just stunning? - but I agreed with Craig that she could have given him more to do. The right couples were in the bottom two though - although I did love Jimmy and Flavia's waltz, I thought she was just so elegant. But Nicholas and Nicole - his footwork was awful, and the standing spin made my eyes bleed! They were the weakest overall, and had to go. 

Group mambo - I definitely think Emma and Darren are going to be the ones to watch - like Camilla, he looked like he was having so much fun!!! (Of course, I'm biased toward this couple because I LOVE Darren a completely crazy amount!). I think Louisa Lytton could also be good - although her partner freaked me out, did you see his cold dead eyes? Think Georgina could be the first female casualty (god, that pun is totally unintended!) - Arlene was right, she was having trouble walking on the floor, never mind dancing! Although I would love it if Mica went first, just to see Ian Waite's face (As much as I adore Darren Bennett, I cannot stand Ian Waite.)

The other thing I can't wait to see next week? Training footage from Brendan and Claire, who have apparently been having massive rows during their sessions. I think TPTB have finally given him a partner who won't cower in the corner when he throws a tantrum, but who will get right up in his face and give as good as she gets. And I can't wait to see it!!!

Holy moley, that was longer than I intended!!!

misssimm not sure if you know, but next Saturday's Casualty is the first ep where Sean comes back - will you be watching??
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