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HUGE Y&R NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

So, remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted saying that I might have to start watching Y&R again because John Driscoll had been cast as Phillip Chancellor IV???
Well, I've just read spoilers for the ep that airs in the US today (it aired in Canada yesterday, which is how we know what happened) and all I can say is I'M BACK. WITH BELLS ON.

This is HUGE. Potentially game-changing, and follows in the best tradition of Friday soap cliffhangers. I cannot WAIT to see how they're going to pull this one off - it's either going to be brilliant, or a total trainwreck. Details of what actually happened are behind the cut (to spare those who have absolutely no interest - which is about 99% of my f-list!!!)  

First, a bit of backstory is needed.

A couple of years ago (bit fuzzy on exact dates) Y&R brought in a new character called Cane Ashby, played by Australian actor Daniel Goddard. To cut a long story short, it was revealed that he was in fact Phillip Chancellor III, son of Jill and Phillip II. A drunken Katherine Chancellor, incensed at Jill's affair with her husband, took the real Phillip shortly after he was born and swapped him with another baby. After his adoptive mother died, Cane was taken to live in Australia with his Uncle Langley, who raised him.

So in short, it was a HUGE retcon - Phillip III, who was married to Nina and died in a drunken car crash, wasn't the real Phillip. DNA tests were done (I think they may even have exhumed Phillip III's body, and the DNA didn't match Jills). Long time fans not happy.

And now, we move on to yesterday's / today's ep. Cane has just married Lily Winters, daughter of Dru and Neil (because as well as retconning, TPTB also de-sorased him by about 10 years!!). The bride and groom are finished getting their photos taken and Lily goes to freshen up, leaving Cane alone in the church. He looks up at the statue of the Blessed Virgin, and says "Forgive me".
He then flashes back to a phone call he made just after he arrived on the canvas, where he rang a mystery person and told them he's taken the job at Chancellor, and that they (Kay and Jill I guess) had to beg him to take it. Then he tells whoever it is to be patient, he didn't want to seem to eager.

The flashback ends, and the scene cuts to the mystery man hanging up the phone.

We get a close up of his face.

And it's Thom Bierdz - PHILLIP CHANCELLOR III !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That funny sound you heard was the sound of fandom EXPLODING!!!!

Turns out that Thom B is back on the show, has apparently signed up for a year. This is obviously what Jeanne Cooper was referring to when she said she was working closely with someone who was returning to the show; that everything was going to change because of this return.


I swear, I read this this morning and my head just about exploded!! I cannot believe that in this spoiler-filled day and age that TPTB managed to keep this one so secret!! And make no mistake, this is huge - there are so many questions that this brings up: if this is the real P3, did he fake his own death 20 years ago? And why??? Who's Cane? Are he and P3 in cahoots to fleece Katherine and Jill??? I'll be honest, reading the boards today made my head hurt; people were wondering if Jill could have had twins and Katherine doesn't remember.... I'll be surprised if he's anyone other than the real P3; how could TPTB write any other story for returning Thom B other than that? If he's a twin or doppelganger that just cheapens it (in my opinion anyway!)

I just can't wait to see where they go with this!!! Tricia Cast (Nina) is back now, and as I said above, John Driscoll is coming back this summer as P4. This is HUGE, and exciting, and I haven't been this excited about an upcoming story on a soap in a long long time!!

Here's a link to the last scene on YouTube (god bless Daytime Confidential!!):

Roll on today's Canadian eppy...... 

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