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Today was a bit of a shocker on site - 3 of my foremen got called in by the General Manager (aka theColmBoss, as opposed to S, the on-site Contracts Manager) and were given a choice of either taking a temporary leave (of 13 weeks) until work picks up, or they could take redundancy and finish up this Thursday. No word on the grapevine about their decisions (I'd say they're sleeping on it) but it was a bit of a shock for a Monday (our work week runs Friday to Thursday, so no-one expects the bullets to fire on a Monday).

And tomorrow, one of the HR girls is coming out to speak to the lads about the new Stress Management Policy. Great timing - we're all staring redundancy in the face, what other way could you be but stressed????

So, in order to distract myself from the crapness of it all, I've been surfing the internet:

Another World Today has it's second episode up, plus an interview with the fabulous Linda Dano!!

It's offical, Rick Hearst is back at B&B as Whip: 

In other surprising news, Jordan and Peter Andre have announced they're seperating (LINK )  I'm kinda surprised at this, although when helsinkibaby and I saw them on Paul O'Grady a few weeks ago, he was redefining the term "hen-pecked husband"

In less surprising news, (which will mean absolutely nothing to 95% of the people reading this) RTE announced that Ryan Tubridy is going to be the new host of The Late Late Show. Again, slightly surprised, as I thought Miriam O'Callaghan was a shoo-in, but if they want to re-invigorate the LLS and bring in a younger audience, Tubridy is your man!!

Anybody got any happy news???
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