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Star Trek!!

Have seen the film twice now, thoughts are behind the cut.....

LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT. Brilliant from start to finish; there was nothing there that I felt could have been done differently or left out.

For a reboot of a leading franchise, I thought JJ and co stayed very true to the history of the show. The fact that this is a totally alternate universe, engineered by Nero going back in time was absolutely inspired. They’re still the same characters that we know and love, just the context is ever so slightly different.

I thought the casting was absolutely spot on. Quinto was utterly brilliant as Spock, and Chris Pine’s Kirk was also great. (On a purely shallow note, Chris Pine is PRETTY). I also loved Karl Urban as Bones – he’s on record as saying he’s a fan, and that was so obvious because his portayal of Bones was just pitch perfect. The guy who played Chekov was just adorable, and he cracked me up every single time he said “Wulcan”.

I thought Simon Pegg as Scotty was just utterly brilliant; he didn’t have a lot of screentime, but he made the most of what he did have. His first scene on the bridge – “Can I have a towel?” “I don’t want to take sides….” finishing with “I LIKE this ship!!!” – was just brilliant.

I wasn’t spoiled for the Spock/Uhura relationship, and I have to say that I found it utterly charming. I loved all their scenes – the way she basically told him “I’m assigned to the Enterprise” and her trying to comfort him after Amanda’s death (side note, I totally did not recognise Winona Ryder!) The scene at the transporter – Kirk not noticing them kissing, then the WTF! Face – was just utterly, utterly priceless.

Leonard Nimoy was awesome, and I’m so glad he got to do the voiceover.

Eric Bana was almost unrecognisable as Nero. (But he’s damned good as a villain!) Grunberg in v/o as Kirk’s stepfather was a nice drop-in (because you knew he had to be there somewhere!!)

I spent most of the first viewing trying to work out where I knew Kirk’s father from. It was only when I saw Chris Hemsworth’s name in the credits that I realised he was Kim (or, as I fondly nicknamed him, The Plank) from Home and Away. Colour me shocked, because he was much improved in this!!!

I could actually go on and on and on about how utterly brilliant this movie was, so I really should stop now. Except to say that I really want to go and see it again!!!

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