smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Rantng dead ahead....


Slow enough that I got throughly browned off with it, busted out the shiny shiny iPhone and rang the customer service department. (You know you have problems when you have the number for your broadband provider's customer service line stored in the contacts list of your mobile phone).

So I spent 25 MINUTES on hold. 25 minutes listening to dead air and a recorded voice thanking me for holding and telling me that my business was important to them. Just as I was about to hang up and start composing a nastygram, the line clicked and on came a customer service rep.

He listened to what the peoblem was, put me back on hold for another 5 minutes, then came back and told me he was going to change around some of the settings to see if the problem could be fixed, but if not he'd get someone else in the office to contact me tomorrow.

And that, as they say, was that.

I am LIVID. My mum (who, as any of you who actually know her know does not suffer fools gladly and takes no BS from anyone) told me she doesn't know why we're still with this crowd. My succinct answer was "Neither do I - oh wait, I do!! They're the only game in town and they have us by the goolies!!" (Mum, as you can imagine, was not impressed by this assessment).

Have just run another speedtest, it's coming in at 0.64mb/s download, 0.37 mb/s upload. The connection we're paying for is 3mbs down, 1mbs up. (So basically, yer man did eff all, which I knew was going to happen - these guys are masters at saying what you want to hear so they'll get you off the phone.) I foresee another call to them tomorrow afternoon.....
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