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More GL news....

ABC Soaps in Depth is reporting that Ric Hearst is leaving GL.... this ties in with Daytime Confidential's report that has him this close to inking a deal with B&B.

Sad as it is to say, I'm inclined to believe he'd go to B&B as opposed to GL - better long term prospects, plus he'd be staying on the West Coast. No word yet as to whether he'd be reprising the role of Whip or whether it would be a new character entirely.

In other casting news, Tom Pelphrey is coming back in the summer; hopefully Phillip will track down Jonathan and Sarah and reunite her with Lizzie... either that or Reva takes a turn for the worse....

Lastly, reports continue to circulate that Telenext are still on negotiations with cable channels to continue GL, and that they're going well (I believe there was a rumour going round at the weekend that it had been picked up). Fingers crossed....

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