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More GL casting news....

According to Daytime Confidential, the following three iconic characters may be making their return to the show in the near future:

Maureen Garrett (Holly)
Peter Simon (Ed Bauer)
RICK HEARST (Alan-Michael Spaulding)

Do I even need to tell you how happy this makes me, especially the last one??? I've been crossing my fingers and toes for this since GH bumped Rick to recurring (and even before then). Seeing A-M and Phillip sparring again would be made of epic win!

DC goes on to say that Ed would be back for a big Bauer BBQ that's being planned. (I guess this also ties in with the Manny return) As yet there's no word on Maureen Garrett's story, but she's indicated she'd be happy to come back.

I really really hope this comes to pass.....

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