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Another World

cheapevilgirl , saw your comment on last nights post and wasn't sure if you'd seen this link or not...

It's a YouTube channel which streams eps of Another World which are now being shown on Hulu in the States. (Finding this link was very exciting for me, as Hulu doesn't work for me in Ireland, but YouTube does!!!) I believe they're picking up from where Soapnet left off.

It's a wonderful trip down memory lane-

feel like watching the fantastic cheesyness that was Ladykiller? It's there.
Frankie going to Heaven? It's there.
Carl at his deliciously evil best? It's there.
Ryan and Vicky before Grant got involved? It's there.
Dack Rambo's last ep and Mark Pinter's first? It's there.

Of course, it's also got Sam "I inexplicably want to be a country singer" Fowler, which I suppose is proof you can't have everything!!

And now I need to make an Another World icon....
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