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Having finally gotten to watch Friday's GL, that sums it up perfectly!!

Such a brilliant episode, full of old fashioned soapy goodness. Natalia finally breaking and confessing to Olivia "I'm not in love with Frank! I'm in love with you!!" and the two of them talking in the gazebo, trying to work out what it is that's between them and where they go from here... this is right up there with GL at its best; and I just can't believe that THIS is when CBS decide to cancel the show.

The f*****s.

And it's not just Otalia that's making this show so good - everyone is on fire right now. The kid who plays Emma is a real find; she seems so natural! Her scenes with Buzz and Frank were great - I feel really bad for Frank at the moment, he's so desperate for love and for a family that he can't see what's right in front of him - though hopefully that won't last for long!

Bill and Lizzie continue to be adorable; though the reverse is that of James and Daisy, who are still all kinds of wrong (SHE USED TO BE HIS SISTER!!!!! - yes, I'm not letting go of that anytime soon).

Alan has descended into a complete cardboard villian who is about to start mustache twirling anytime now - I can't believe he had Phillip sectioned (ok, I can believe it, but not that Aunt Alex went along with it!!) The part of the ep which had me hitting rewind (ok, the non-Otalia part) was when Phillip made the crack about the Spauldings having a group therapy session and Alex came out with this really false laugh - Grant just lost it and had a complete giggle fit just as Bill walked into the room!

And considering CC's comment in her Friday chat that they do most of the scenes in one take, I am amazingly impressed that he got himself under control so quick!!
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