smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Still alive......

Just can't believe it's been over a month since I updated this....

Like I said in the header, still alive (more or less), just buried under a tonne of work!! It's been crazy busy in the office the last few weeks - our company brought in a brand new computer system which went live last Monday, so we're trying to get used to a whole new way of doing our jobs (and it is a LOT more work, let me tell you!). And it doesn't help that my dept was locked out of the system for the first two days, which meant by the time we finally got into the system, there was a huge backlog of stuff that had to be inputted, and we've been cashing our tails ever since!

And just when things were settling down last Friday, one of the other girls in the dept (she'd be the 2IC to our manager) announced that she was leaving! Which came as a huge shock to all of us - worst thing is, she gave her 4 weeks notice but she's on hols this week and next week! And it looks worse because she made the announcement the week that SAP (new computer system) went live... 

Very cool (though mildly disturbing) thing happened yesterday - the Ryder Cup is in Ireland next weekend, it's being held in the K Club in Straffan, and a lot of our senior guys are going down to it, bringing clients, etc. So yesterday, N (our manager) received an e-mail from our company's Business Development Manager, asking would I be able to go to the Glen Royal Hotel in Maynooth on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Ryder Cup to act as the company's rep, make sure our clients are all checked in, have their tickets and are basically looked after. His reasoning is that I spent years as site admin on one of the biggest sites we have, so a lot of the clients would know me and it looks better if a familiar face is greeting them.... I laughed at first, thought she was joking!! But she wasn't! 

So I said I'd do it... sounds like it could be fun (although hard work). And Maynooth is just down the road from my old site, so I can call in and visit!!

OK, I'd better go and do some work now....

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