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I has cold. And am feeling very sorry for myself. Started with a sore throat on Sunday night, but that more or less went yesterday afternoon and I thought I'd be okay. Had a few sneezes last night, but when I woke up this morning, I knew I was in trouble! Scared the life out of my CM when he came into my office first thing this morning - if he was looking for eloquent conversation, he was absolutely in the wrong office!!

Had fantastic Easter weekend in London with helsinkibaby , helsinkihusband and friends (waves at maggis and conjunkie). Went to see a matinee of Chicago on the Saturday - didn't know Ian Kelsey (the late, lamented Dr Patrick Spiller in Casualty, also Dave Glover in Emmerdale) was playing Billy Flynn until we got to the theatre, so that was a lovely surprise! Aoife Mulholland (Irish Maria) is playing Roxie, but her understudy was on instead so we didn't get to see her - but Ian Kelsey people!!!

Went to a comedy club on Saturday night and then dancing in Camden's Electric Ballroom. Sunday, we went to see the Dancing on Ice Tour at Wembley Arena, where we walked into meeshy ! Have to say, seeing Torville and Dean actually skate Bolero was amazing - was glad to finally get to see Jessica's version, but Ray's was totally better (and he so deserved the win!)

Other highlights included Andi Peters' foot-in-mouth moment (asking Chris Dean "aren't they a lovely pair" when talking about Fred and Melinda - a harmless enough question, but not with the outfit Melinda was wearing - Holy Cleavage Batman!!); seeing Fred and Mel skate together, seeing Jessica and Pavel skate "Mercy", which is my favourite programme of theirs. The whole thing was just brilliant from start to finish.

Weirdest moment of the weekend came on Saturday morning though - shopping on Oxford Street, and I literally walked straight into a girl I used to work with, who I haven't seen since her last day at our company about 18 months ago. We had a shrieking, laughing "Oh my God, I can't believe this!!!" freakout as her husband and the 3 people I was with tried to work out what the heck was going on! As I said to the gang later, it was just as well I wasn't doing anything I shouldn't have been doing.....
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